Kelly's Ace Hardware is the place for paint!
You've probably heard the old cliché that if you want something done right, do it yourself.  Over 25 years ago, Ace Hardware began to manufacture its own paint to guarantee our customers the highest quality products at the best price.  We're certain your experience with Ace Paint will be excellent whether it's the first time you use Ace Paint or the 100th.

•  Ace Hardware owns and operates two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in America's Midwest to guarantee you quality and savings
•  Over 9 million gallons of paint are produced each year which ranks Ace Paint among the top 10 paint manufacturers in the U.S.
•  Ace is the only brand that offers Scotchgard™ stain resistant protection in our Sensations® interior paint products so that you can keep your home looking good longer
•  Simply Magic® Ceiling paint, produced by Ace, was the first national color transforming ceiling paint that turns from blue to white so that you don't miss a single spot
•  Ace Paint consistently scores high marks against competitive name brands when blind-tested by independent labs

When you have a need to color-match paint for your home, visit our store and our paint specialists can help you match your colors with our state-of-the-art color match computer.
Kelly's Hardware has a complete selection of paint and painting supplies
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